xinoimage1Tiny Hearing Aids. Big Benefits


 Even though they're tiny, Xino hearing aids are packed with Starkey's latest technology, including advancements designed to:

• Improve hearing in noisy environments
• Eliminate buzzing and whistling
• Enhance phone conversations


With Xino, you get a hearing aid that's virtually undetectable as well as one
loaded with Starkey's innovative technologies, including our latest
feedback canceller and noise reduction and speech preservation system.
The result is a small and stylishhearing aid that is designed to deliver:

PERFORMANCE: Utilizes Starkey's latest technologies to
help eliminate buzzing and whistling, plus helps to reduce listening effort.

COMFORT: Small and stylish, Xino hides behind
your ear where it's virtually undetectable.

PERSONALIZATION: Our individualized hearing and lifestyle
assessment can help ensure your hearing aids match your exact hearing
loss and listening needs.





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